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MA Elmore LCMHC-S, NCC, Rachael Hunt

Rachael Elmore is a seasoned licensed clinical mental health counselor supervisor (LCMHC-S) who specializes in treating postpartum depression and anxiety in her thriving Christian counseling practice in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2012, after becoming a mom herself, Rachael experienced firsthand postpartum depression and the struggles of new motherhood. When she was struggling, she couldn’t find the Christian and clinical resources she needed to move through those desperate days. This is the book she wishes had existed when she was in the early dark days of new motherhood. Her personal experience has drastically shaped how she counsels and supports women in similar seasons. With her clinical training as a Christian counselor, professional experience and expertise, along with her personal experience with postpartum depression, Rachael is uniquely qualified to offer support and guidance to new or struggling moms.

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