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Stephanie May Wilson

Author and top podcaster Stephanie May Wilson is on a mission to be who she needed when she was younger--walking women through life's biggest decisions and transitions. Through her books, podcast, and online courses, Stephanie helps women take the pressure off of what their lives are "supposed" to look like, figure out where they actually want to go in life, and take the steps to get there.

Stephanie has been featured on NBC, the Anthropologie blog, and Relevant magazine. She has also been a longtime blog contributor for CNBC's Nightly Business Report, Darling magazine, and the Christian Mingle blog.

When she's not writing, speaking, or recording a podcast episode, Stephanie is usually packing for a global adventure with her husband, Carl, laughing with her close tribe of girlfriends, or curled up in her Nashville home with her twin toddlers, Annie and Quinn.