20 October

Louie Giglio outlines ways young readers can win the battle against spiritual and mental giants

New book helps kids and preteens understand how God can conquer the giants in their lives

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Oct. 14, 2020) – Louie Giglio, the original visionary of the Passion movement that has reached millions young people globally, now brings his message of courage and faith to kids in “Goliath Must Fall for Young Readers: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants.”

Today young people face more pressure and stress than ever before. Issues such as fear, anger, rejection, and anxiety can seem like giants standing in the way of the joy-filled childhood and adolescence parents desire their children to experience. In “Goliath Must Fall for Young Readers,” pastor Giglio shows kids that only God can help them defeat these giants.

“I have learned in my own life that the seeds of most of the giants I’ve faced in adulthood were planted when I was still a boy,” said Giglio. “I’m especially excited that boys and girls, young men and women, are going to be able to step into the power of ‘Goliath Must Fall’s’ truth and see Jesus give them victory over the seeds of fear and doubt and anger and rejection that the enemy wants to plant in their lives.”

Adapted for middle-grade readers from Giglio’s national bestseller “Goliath Must Fall”, this new edition addresses the common struggles kids today have with temptation, social media comparisons, friendships and anxiety. Young readers also will be engaged with call-outs and prompts to help them learn practical strategies to surrender their fears, overcome bad habits, and let go of superficial comforts that are falsely shaped by worldly pressures.

As a pastor, and as one who has ministered to young people around the world, Giglio understands the heartbeat of the next generation. Drawing on decades of experience helping them realize God’s calling on their lives, Giglio speaks with the grace and wisdom kids need to hear as they grow up.

Young readers will learn that they don’t have to settle for feeling stuck in their emotions or thoughts because the God who saved David from the giant Goliath is the same God who can save them today.

“Goliath Must Fall for Young Readers: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants”(ISBN # 9781400223633) will be available Oct. 27, 2020 in hardcover ($17.99) wherever books are sold.  

About the Author:

Louie Giglio is Pastor of Passion City Church and the Original Visionary of the Passion movement, which exists to call a generation to leverage their lives for the fame of Jesus.

Since 1997, Passion has gathered collegiate-aged young people in events across the US and around the world, and continues to see 18-25 year olds fill venues across the nation in pursuit of lives lived for God’s glory. Most recently, Passion hosted 65,000 college students and their leaders at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia for Passion 2020.

In addition to the collegiate gatherings of Passion Conferences, Louie and his wife Shelley lead the teams at Passion City Church, sixstepsrecords, Passion Publishing and the Passion Global Institute.

Louie is the national-bestselling author of “Not Forsaken,” “Goliath Must Fall,” “How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science,” “Indescribable: 100 Devotions About God & Science,” “The Comeback, The Air I Breathe,” and “I Am Not But I Know I Am.”

Louie and Shelley make their home in Atlanta, Georgia.

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