03 May

Page Chaser: Books. Naps. Coffee. Repeat

HarperCollins Christian Publishing launches new online bookish community

(Nashville, TN)—Not long ago, a small group of HarperCollins Christian Publishing (HCCP) employees sat commiserating. The problem was this: they were avid readers, pop-culture enthusiasts and Christians who had no community.

Why doesn’t a fun, engaging faith-based book community exist?  Was there a way to build a home for avid readers who just happened to also be believers? Could a bookish community be diverse, intellectual, witty and sharp, and still be uplifting?

There was only one way to find out.  Enter Page Chaser.

Page Chaser is a space for everyone stuck in the middle; a place where you can talk about Stranger Things and Max Lucado. Page Chaser promotes positive, intelligent conversations on diverse content that makes people laugh, think and engage, leaving negativity at the virtual door. Any reader who is interested in discovering great stories, inspiring conversations and, well, just great clean content will feel welcome.

Stephanie Newton, the Page Chaser brand ambassador summed it up nicely, “When dreaming up Page Chaser, we discussed the idea of, ‘The nicest corner of the Internet.’ It seemed imperative to us that, in a world full of cruel social internet content, we could be here, metaphorically handing out muffins and asking if you’ve read Neil Gaiman.  We’re not here to fight with you. We’re not here to lead a revolution. We just want to bring goodwill back to humanity – one book at a time.”

PageChaser.com is home to humorous editorials, listicles recommending books, current news as it relates to books, author Q&As and more. Page Chaser’s audiobook platform offers readers “First Listens” of new books, bonus materials and behind-the-scene glimpses of in-studio author recordings. The all-original content features new titles, some hidden gems and contributor all-time favorites, positioning it to be an important discoverability point for readers and reviewers.

Page Chaser has a multifaceted reach through different content platforms. To support its blog, @page.chaser is a highly curated Instagram feed where engaging questions are posed alongside high-quality photos. Page Chaser on Facebook boosts blog posts and shares audience-provoking material to grab the attention of future page-chasers.

Newton added,  “Page Chaser is a place for conversing, laughing, reading, and belonging. Around here we firmly believe that there are two things you can never have enough of: friends and books, and we hope to be your favorite gathering spot for both.”

To learn more, please visit PageChaser.com.