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KJV 1611 Translation Questions
I have noticed that the KJV Translation is different depending on the bible I am looking at. Why is that?
Additional Comments

There is no one “standard” KJV text. As this
translation passes for public domain in the US
, each publisher has made changes
to the text to clarify archaic language for the modern reader.




Our “metal series” uses an older, 1980’s -era
Zondervan KJV text. Two years ago we decided to bring the KJV text that we use
closer in line with the most widely accepted “standard” KJV text in
existence–the 1873 Oxford/Scrivener edition. Dr. Scrivener took 7 years to
compile all the best, most widely accepted edits that publishers had made to
the KJV to that point in the interest of creating an enduring “standard
edition” for the ages. Unfortunately, Zondervan is the only major US-based
Bible publisher to use this edition of the King James Version. All new Zondervan
KJV editions published after 2000 (the “metal series” was a
repackaged reprint of an earlier work) use this Scrivener 1873 text.




For more information on this edition, please reference the
“Preface to the King James Version, 1873 edition” that John
Kohlenberger has supplied. You can find this on page x in the front matter of
the Zondervan KJV Study Bible