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Is ALPHA available in Spanish?

Is ALPHA available in Spanish?
Are the Alpha DVD’s available in Spanish?

Any Alpha Film Series DVD purchased after July 2017 will
have Spanish dubbing (audio) but not subtitles. 


The AWNG DVD’s currently does not have Spanish in any
form.  We have a new product that ChurchSource will sell that has English
audio and English and Spanish subtitles.


The current AYFS DVD has only English audio and subtitles.

Additional Information

Alpha Builder

As you build an Alpha, on the 4th step in Alpha
Builder you will get the option to run Alpha in Spanish (ES is Spanish), and
once you state you’re doing  Alpha in Spanish, all the resources provided
will be in Spanish.  All three video options are available online in
Spanish.  The supporting resources are also there – Alpha Guide and
Leaders Guide