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What is Comfort Print?
What does Comfort Print mean on your Bible descriptions?

This Bible was set in the Thomas Nelson KJV Typeface,
commissioned by Thomas Nelson Publishers and designed in Aarhus by Klaus Krogh
and Heidi Rand Sørensen of 2K/DENMARK. The design takes inspiration from a
distinctive typeface found in an early Thomas Nelson Novum Testamentum, printed in 1844 in Edinburgh­—a type that in
turn reflects several Scotch Roman fonts created by the celebrated English
punchcutter Richard Austin for the type foundry of William Miller, circa
1808–1813. The designers of the Thomas nelson KJV Typeface sought to reflect
Thomas Nelson’s rich, 200-year tradition of stewarding the KJV, while also
embodying the best advancements in modern Bible typography. The result is a
distinctive new Bible typeface that is uncompromisingly beautiful, bold and
readable at any size, and perfectly suited to the King James Version.

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