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Bible Warranty and Replacement
How do I replace my defective Bible?

HarperCollins Christian Publishing manufacturer’s warranty provides coverage for defective bindings on hardcover, softcover, and Leather-Look™ and Italian Duo-Tone Bibles for four years and on bonded and top-grain leather Bibles for six years. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear.

A lifetime warranty applies to defects within Bibles and books – examples: missing pages, chapters, or books, collating errors and pages bound upside down. If your Bible meets the above criteria, we will replace it for you. You may keep your Bible to transfer any notes or presentation pages. We do not offer cash refunds, and reserve the right to replace out of print products with like products.

Please complete the attached form and include the following:

1.      Tear out the copyright page of your Bible

2.      Please write your name, address, and date on the removed copywrite page

3.      Please take a picture of this removed page with your phone or camera

4.      Email the completed form and picture to [email protected].  Or simply reply to this email and include the form and picture.

5.      You can also fax this sheet and photo to:  1-800-934-6381

6.      Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

Once we have received the completed form and the photo of the copyright page, we will order your replacement.

Additional Information

File: Bible Replacement Form 6.26.20.pdf