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How do I Redeem my E-Book?

How do I Redeem my E-Book? KBA-02622-D9G7L Question How do I redeem my e-book once I’m logged into Glose? Answer Redeeming your purchased e-book is easy. Go to your purchased e-books, and click the “Read Now” button underneath the book cover you want. This will open a new tab on your browser that will lead…

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What is Glose?

What is Glose? KBA-02623-J2X3W Question What is Glose?  Glose is a website ( and an online reading platform available on all devices (laptop, tablet, and smartphone) that offers interesting features you might enjoy such as reading groups, shared annotations, one-click highlighting, and more. Answer Once you have created your account on Glose, you can read e-books…

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Where can I read my e-book?

Where can I read my e-book? KBA-02621-S5T2R Question Where can I read my e-book? Answer Once you’ve redeemed your e-book, you can read it on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or smartphone, through Glose. Read your e-book on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and all Android devices. Alternatively, you can read on a Kindle Fire through…

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