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How do I return my order?

How do I return my order? KBA-02390-Y2B4M Question How do I return my order? Answer 1.  Please include a copy of the pack note in the box with your order.  If you do not have this, please include a copy of the order confirmation email that we sent you.  This is very important so we know…

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Are E-Books Returnable?

Are E-Books Returnable? KBA-02677-J2S7Q Question Are eBooks Returnable? Answer Since your eBook cannot be physically returned, it is our policy to not offer refunds.  If you have any concerns regarding your purchase, please reach out to Customer Service. Additional Information

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How do I cancel an order?

How do I cancel an order? KBA-01820-J9J9Z Information Unfortunately, once an order is submitted, it cannot be changed or cancelled. If you have placed an order in error, you have 30 days from the date of purchase  to return the product for a full refund.  We want you to be satisfied with your purchase from…

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