Recruitment Fraud Alert

We have received reports that individuals pretending to represent HarperCollins are offering false employment offers to job seekers over the internet. These individuals may request that the applicant transfer money or provide sensitive personal or financial information in order to advance their application.

These communications are fraudulent. They do not originate from HarperCollins and are not associated with our recruitment process. Please keep in mind the following facts:

HarperCollins does not ask prospective employees for any form of payment or money transfer as part of job application or onboarding.

HarperCollins does not ask prospective employees for information relating to bank accounts, credit cards, or personal passwords, and it does not require applicants to purchase equipment or software.

HarperCollins communicates with prospective employees exclusively through email addresses ending in “”

HarperCollins does not recruit for open positions using instant messaging or texts.

If you are contacted in a manner that departs from this description, please treat the communication as fraudulent. Do not send money at the request of a purported HarperCollins recruiter, and make sure to verify that all recruiter email addresses end in If you suspect you are the target of a scam, we advise you to contact your local law enforcement agency or the FBI's Internet Crimes Complaint Center: