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How is the NIV translation different from other translations?
Easy to read and uncompromisingly accurate, the NIV is
one of the most faithful translations of the Bible ever made. Behind the NIV stands a world-class team of
evangelical Bible scholars whose passion is to faithfully translate God’s Word.
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About the NIV Bible

50 years after the vision was
cast — and more than 450 million copies later — the New International Version
(NIV) is the most widely read Bible translation in contemporary English. That’s
because the NIV delivers the very best combination of accuracy and readability.
It’s true to God’s Word and true to the reader.

Getting the words right

Getting the words right means being true to the original Greek,
Hebrew, and Aramaic of the Bible. But it also means being true to the reader —
capturing the Bible’s original meaning in natural, everyday English.

That’s what sets the NIV Bible apart. It doesn’t sacrifice
precision for clarity or the other way around. It delivers both, all in a Bible
translation you’ll love to read.

NIV Bible is…

Accurate. The
NIV translators are united by their conviction that the Bible is God’s inspired
Word. That, along with their years of studying biblical languages, helps them
to capture subtle nuances and the depth of meaning in the Bible.

·        Clear. If the
first recipients understood God’s Word when they heard it, so should you.
That’s the driving force behind the NIV’s commitment to clarity. The Bible
should be every bit as clear to you as it was to its original audience.

·        Beautiful. Bible
reading isn’t just a solo exercise; it’s meant to be a shared experience.
That’s why the NIV translators prioritize literary beauty, resulting in a Bible
translation that’s suitable for public reading and use in churches.

·        Trustworthy. The
NIV is translated by an independent, self-governing team of Bible scholars. No
publisher, commercial or otherwise (not even us!), can tell them how to
translate God’s Word. The translators come from dozens of denominations and
churches, and they can only make changes to the text if 70% of the committee
agrees — safeguarding against theological bias.

·        There are plenty of things to
wrestle with in the Bible. Your translation shouldn’t be one of them.

Translating the NIV Bible

50 years of world-class
scholarship has gone into translating the New International Version. The NIV
translators are leading evangelical scholars with an unwavering commitment to
the authority of Scripture, an understanding acquired by decades of experience
in the biblical languages, and an unrelenting passion to get the words right.

Translation is not easy. It’s part science -understanding the
form, structure, and word meaning of another language and part art -trying to
recreate the original reader’s experience in another language.

The stakes are even higher when translating the Bible. This is
not just any text. This is God’s Word. The NIV translators apply decades of
experience in the biblical languages to deliver the most faithful translation
possible: a balance between careful attention to the form of the original and
clarity of meaning in contemporary English.

The result? A Bible translation that’s true to the original
Scriptures and understandable to you.

Meet the translators
Learn more about the 15 members of the Committee on Bible Translation and how
they approach the task of faithfully translating God’s Word into contemporary

Translation process
How is the NIV Bible translated? Learn more about the rigorous process the NIV
translation team follows to make sure they get the words right.

Translation philosophy
As close as possible to the original text of Scripture, as understandable as
possible to the reader. That’s the NIV’s approach to Bible translation.