Olive Tree

The Olive Tree Bible App exists to inspire people to connect with God and the Bible through technology. With the belief that God transforms people while they study and engage with His Word, Olive Tree is committed to providing access to Biblical resources anytime, anywhere.

Olive Tree has a variety of free resources, but their store also contains over 12,000 different titles. You will find commentaries, study Bibles, dictionaries, cross-references, eBooks, and more.

All of these resources are enhanced for quick-use inside the app. You’ll find hyperlinked verse references, commentaries that scroll with you as you read the Bible, and Strong’s Tagged Bibles that give you Hebrew and Greek definitions with just a tap in your English Bible.

Best part? Once these resources are on your device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, PC, or Mac!) you can use them without an Internet connection.

Ready to start studying the Bible? Download the Olive Tree Bible App today.