Social Responsiblity

Our business impacts lives. HarperCollins Christian Publishing inspires the world through its content and corporate social influence. The Company is committed to an operational structure that positively impacts the lives of its employees and local communities.

Through corporate charitable partnerships and environmental printing initiatives, HarperCollins Christian Publishing recognizes that providing consumers with quality resources encompasses more than its products. To continue to operate a positively impactful business, the Company’s philosophy is to give back where much has been given.

HarperCollins Christian Publishing also provides opportunities for its employees to become engaged with local community groups that have similar values and inspirational missions.

Community Impact

Service is a HarperCollins Christian Publishing core value. The Company strives to serve consumers with fresh voices and messages that are able to change the world. The Company also believes in setting an example by doing what is good and consistently doing more than is required.

Active engagement in local communities is at the heart of our corporate social responsibility. The Company volunteers with local charitable partners to gain an understanding of how it can impact the lives of local citizens. With charitable committees in the Nashville and Grand Rapids offices, HarperCollins Christian Publishing continuously reviews ways to impact our industry and our communities.

We believe involvement is essential to success. Through our employee volunteer program and charitable donations, the Company is committed to helping those in need.

Read more about how you can apply to be a Charitable Partner with HarperCollins Christian Publishing.

Environmental Impact

In addition, HarperCollins Christian Publishing is constantly reviewing our environmental impact and how we can conduct better business practices in such a way that can help protect our planet.

All paper used is sourced from mills whose forest management practices have been certified by a widely recognized sustainable forestry certification organization such as: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), CSA International, Inc., or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), confirming our paper providers have followed stringent guidelines to preserve forests and reduce air and water pollution.  By simply switching to a lighter weight paper, the company has significantly reduced its paper usage.

We are also in compliance with our parent company’s HarperGreen initiative. For more information on this, please visit their website here.

Equal Opportunity Employer

HarperCollins Christian Publishing is an equal opportunity employer.