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Manuscript Submissions

How can I submit my manuscript to Thomas Nelson or Zondervan to be published?

Currently, only unsolicited manuscripts fitting the following criteria are being accepted by the Zondervan Academic publishing team: Academic (only college and seminary textbooks in the areas of theology, Biblical studies, church history, etc.) Reference (commentaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, etc.) Ministry Resources (books and resources for pastors and ministry professionals). To submit an Academic, Reference or Ministry Resource manuscript or proposal, please visit here.

All other unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted by Thomas Nelson or Zondervan publishers.

How do I begin the path to becoming a published author?

There are two paths to publish a book that we encourage: traditional publishing through either Thomas Nelson or Zondervan publishing groups or self-publishing through WestBow Press, HarperCollins Christian Publishing’s self-publishing division.

Authors who feel the traditional path to publishing best meets their needs should strongly consider finding a literary agent. Literary agents act as a mediator between an author and a publisher.  These professionals represent author’s and their literary work, keeping the client’s best interest in mind as they find the best way to publishing.

The traditional path is typically for more established authors or potential authors with a unique message or platform to leverage. The best way to pursue the traditional path is to select a literary agent who can help refine your idea, quantify your platform, and submit your proposal to publishing houses such as Thomas Nelson or Zondervan.

There are a number of websites that are valuable resources for writers.  Blogs, such as this one,  list several different literary agents who are experienced working with Christian writers and Christian publishers.  Additionally, HarperCollins provides an excellent resource through their Authonomy website, which is devoted to helping author’s books get published. You will also find The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style by current Zondervan Editor, Robert Hudson, helpful as you write and edit your manuscript.

The second option is to self-publish. As a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, WestBow Press helps authors self-publish all genres of books while specializing in books with Christian morals, inspirational themes, and family values.

Self-publishing is a strong option whether you have goals of commercial success or simply the desire to create a book for family and friends. Self-publishing can also be your entry point to the traditional publishing path. Both Thomas Nelson and Zondervan publishers actively monitor WestBow press books looking for those that show promise and strength in the marketplace. Visit WestBow Press for more information.

Is there is a web location that I could monitor for updates regarding manuscript submissions?

No, there is not.

Contact an Author

How do I write to an author? Can you give me an author’s e-mail address?

We are not able to release the phone number or mailing and e-mail addresses of any of our authors. However, you may be able to make direct contact with an author if he or she has a website. An e-mail address can often be found under the Contact or FAQ section on a site.

If you would like to contact an author for an interview, or other publicity/media request, please visit our Media Contacts page.