Topical Preaching in a Complex World

How to Proclaim Truth and Relevance at the Same Time

by Sam Chan, Malcolm Gill, Ed Stetzer

On Sale: 2021-12-07

Book Summary

Most preachers were never taught or shown how to preach a topical sermon, and they may lack the competency or confidence to do so. In Topical Preaching in a Complex World, Sam Chan and Malcolm Gill equip preachers with the rationale and skillset to prepare and deliver engaging topical sermons for a variety of occasions.

About the Book

Be Equipped to Prepare and Deliver Engaging, Biblical, and Effective Topical Sermons

Sooner or later, every preacher will come upon a situation where they need to preach a topical sermon. Yet few are taught to preach topically. Even preachers who are gifted in expositing the Scriptures may struggle to deliver a topical sermon that is engaging, culturally relevant, and true to the biblical text. Worse, many pastors worry these messages undermine confidence in the Bible or its authority, leading to a human-centered rather than a God-focused sermon. But that doesn't have to be the case.

In Topical Preaching in a Complex World, Sam Chan and Malcolm Gill answer these objections and chart a path for how preachers can deliver faithful and effective topical messages. First, they address the biblical, theological, and cultural reasons pastors should add topical sermons to their preaching repertoire. Then, they introduce a straightforward, four-fold approach for preaching a topical message and answer important questions like these:

  • How do you approach a topic with the proper interpretative lens?
  • How can you speak to two or more audiences with the same sermon?
  • What should you consider theologically, culturally, and pastorally in your preparation?
  • How do you trace the topic back to Christ?
  • How can you better connect with your audience?

Best of all, they help readers craft a message that says something people truly need (and want) to hear! Filled with wit, humor, and wisdom from decades of preaching, this book will equip preachers, pastors, ministry leaders, and students to preach relevant, biblical, and engaging topical sermons.

Author Sam Chan says, "Just over a decade ago, I was asked by an organization to speak at their end-of-year dinner. They wanted me to address the topic of being a Christian single, but I had no idea how to prepare and deliver a topical talk. When the night arrived, I preached an old three-point expository sermon and merely changed the ending to include some application on singleness. At best, I got some polite comments afterwards. At worst, people's looks indicated that my biblical talk had little relevance for them. They could not have been less fooled by my disingenuous workaround.

I went home vowing never to repeat that poor performance. I felt like the unfaithful servant who had not adequately used what talents had been given to him. As a result, I have dedicated the last decade of my preaching ministry to overcoming and mastering the art of topical preaching. This book is a product of that journey."

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