Gospel-Driven Ministry

An Introduction to the Calling and Work of a Pastor

by Jared C. Wilson, Ray Ortlund

On Sale: 2021-03-02

Book Summary

In Gospel-Driven Ministry, Jared Wilson looks at the qualifications for the pastorate, addressing the notion of a call to ministry and how to identify the marks of maturity and affirm a call. In addition, he unpacks the eight core practices of pastoral ministry and offers guidance to prepare pastors for long-term, healthy ministry.

About the Book

From the beginning of his ministry, Jesus called and equipped individuals who would serve his community of followers. These "shepherds" are called to preach, pray, and care for the needs of God's people. But what does it mean to be a pastor? And what is the nature of this ministry, according to the Bible?

In Gospel-Driven Ministry, Jared Wilson begins by looking at the qualifications for the pastorate, addressing the notion of a call to ministry and how an individual--and a church community--can best identify the marks of maturity and affirm a call. In each chapter, Wilson looks at one of the core practices of pastoral ministry, including: 

  • Preaching Sermons
  • Developing a Vibrant Prayer Life
  • Caring and Counseling
  • Pastoring Married and Single
  • Gospel-Centered Leadership
  • Fighting Sin and Spiritual Warfare
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Passing on the Ministry to Others

In addition, Wilson provides practical resources including theological insights on baptism and the Lord's Supper, guidance for wedding and funeral sermons, outlines for leading elder and deacon meetings, tips for interviewing new pastors, questions to ask at ordination, and advice on knowing when and how to leave a pastor role. This is a comprehensive, practical guide to pastoral ministry that prepares new pastors and equips those currently serving for long-term, healthy ministry.


'Current and future pastors--and those who love them--need to read this book. Jared Wilson opens up the pages of Scripture and his heart as well to give us the inside scoop on pastoral work and identity. Clearly he has a heart for ministry. With a quarter century of pastoral experience under his belt, he has much to share. Writing in a warm and personal style, Wilson explores most every aspect of ministry you can think of. Replete with scriptural references and personal examples, this is a volume of practical wisdom by which every pastor can chart a voyage through the tempestuous seas of contemporary ministry with confidence. Christ-centered and gospel-focused, this book is devoid of the platitudes and easy answers found in similar pastoral guides. Jared Wilson bares his soul in this book to share not only his profound insights into shepherding but also his anxieties, fears, and failures. In other words, he points not to himself but to Jesus, who is the great shepherd of the sheep and--thank God--of every pastor as well.'

'Gospel-Driven Ministry is an honest, practical, instructive, and comprehensive work on pastoring that I wish would have been available to me twenty-five years ago. Jared writes from a rich and robust experience in ministry, sharing his pastoral highs with humility and his pastoral lows with vulnerability. This is a refreshing contribution to those setting out on the pastoral road and for those who might be weary walking it.'

'I'd recommend this book to any pastor, especially those just starting in their ministry, and any others desiring to understand what faithful leadership in God's church looks like. Saturated in the gospel-depth that has characterized his other books, Jared Wilson shows us that a church leader is not just a defender of truth but a servant of people. I was particularly moved by Jared's challenge that we represent the love of God to people who walk through our doors. What an incredible and weighty privilege. May God use this book to raise up a generation of faithful servant leaders!'

'If you know one thing about Jared, it's that he has an unwavering passion for gospel-centrality. Gospel-Driven Ministry reads like a greatest hits of Jared's wisdom and experience from years of pastoring both local congregations and local pastors. A must-have for pastors and ministry leaders who desire to keep the gospel at the core of their ministry and practice.'

'Jared Wilson's new book, Gospel-Driven Ministry, represents my friend's steadfast commitment to marinate in the riches of God's grace, to steward both the wounds and joys of pastoral life, and to keep the gospel central to leaders and ministries. Jared writes with a depth beyond his years, wisdom gained after seminary, and a heart captured by the glory and grace of Jesus. Please give this book to neophytes and seasoned veterans in the ministry of the gospel.'

'Often in ministry things can be driven by pragmatics rather than principles. Rosters needs to be arranged, meetings attended, and sermons delivered. In the midst of the urgent, however, it is easy for the pastor to forget the very basis and purpose of their service. In Gospel-Driven Ministry Jared Wilson provides a timely and necessary reminder of the transformative power of the gospel as the cornerstone of all effective pastoral ministry. With the warmth and wisdom of a seasoned pastor, Wilson calls the reader to consider not only the shape of their ministry but more importantly their motivation for it.'

'Only an experienced pastor could write this book. It handles the vicissitudes of pastoral life and ministry with compassion. You'll feel known as you read it. But it is more than that. This book is treasure from a pastor who digs deeply when shepherding individual souls. It is wisdom for leading the whole church. If you apply its guidance, your flock will not only feel known but also be well-pastored. In fact, Jared Wilson's heart for Christ's church moved me to pastor better, and his pastoral gems showed me how to do so. Most importantly, absorbing this book will yield more of Christ in you and his church.'

'There are certain books that pastors should read once a year to regain their gospel sanity, clarity of calling, passion for the Savior, love for their people, and a renewed sense of what their daily work is. Gospel-Driven Ministry is one of those books. It holds the gospel forward not just as preachers' core message but also as the model and motivation for who pastors should be and what they are called to do. Pastors, buy this book and put it in your yearly reading rotation.'

'We're in a pastoral ministry crisis. Evidence abounds--from pastors who are disqualifying themselves, to those who are burning out. Not to oversimplify matters, but I wonder if one reason for this crisis is a pastoral ministry that has become unmoored from the gospel. In Gospel-Driven Ministry, Jared Wilson, with clarity and the requisite pastoral experience, seeks to bring us back to the gospel roots that drive faithful pastoral ministry. If you are considering pastoral ministry or are in the habit of training gospel ministers, pick up this book and use it as a 'gospel primer' for ministry. If you've been in ministry for some time and are doubting yourself or your ministry, struggling to press on, pick up this book as a 'gospel refresher' for ministry. A ministry rooted in the good news of all that God is for us in Christ will magnify our triune God and encourage his people.'

'Whether you are new pastor or a seasoned veteran of many years, Gospel-Driven Ministry will educate, instruct, and encourage you in your service to the Lord and his people. Combining personal experience, theological understanding, and a deep love for Christ's church, Jared Wilson offers timely wisdom for those called, in these challenging times, to shepherd the flock of God.'

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