Parable Church

How the Teachings of Jesus Shape the Culture of Our Faith

by Mike Burnette, John Driver, Chris Hodges

On Sale: 2021-03-30

Book Summary

In Parable Church, pastor and author Mike Burnette discovers in Jesus's parables a better approach to church life, one focused not on growth strategies or trendy principles, but on a focus towards cultivating the culture of the kingdom revealed through the teachings of Jesus’ parables.

About the Book

Unpacks unique insights from Jesus' parables that can help us understand and experience the full, transformative life in community we are divinely intended to live.

Christ never actually told us how to "do church." Yes, he had a lot to say about the church, but what he did say was mostly unrelated to stylistic issues or contextual trends. He never spoke about its leadership hierarchies or the pros and cons of denominational fellowships or the types of music. And yet, much of our time and energy as leaders and shepherds is consumed by chasing after tips, tricks, and secrets to "grow" churches.

While we've tended to focus on church growth through strategies, programs, and metric-based insights, Christ always focused on the heart and the values of the Father, the values that actually change lives and increase the spiritual health of his people.

By digging deeply into three important parables:

  • The Parable of the Two Sons
  • The Parable of the Sower
  • The Parable of the Talents

Parable Church weaves together personal narratives, unique cultural observations, and compellingly fresh biblical insights to paint a picture of something unimaginably greater than what most people think of when they think of Jesus' Church.

Although Jesus never gave us directions for church, he did, through his parables, reveal what we should experience in our communities together--he revealed the culture of his kingdom.


'Mike Burnette is a great friend and leader who inspires me with his gift of stepping outside of the collective comfort zone. He will do whatever it takes to encounter the heart of Jesus and reflect his compassion to humanity. That's why Parable Church is a must-read! If you're looking for a fresh perspective to strip away the clutter and to learn the culture of God's kingdom in fresh ways, this book is it.'

'Pastor Mike distills foundational principles on the purpose, methods, and value of the church as the means of growing God's kingdom in only the way a pastor of one of the fastest-growing churches in America could. His words are detailed enough for the wisest scholar, yet simple enough for a beginner to enjoy. Church leaders need to read this book and then lead their flock to become a parable church.'

'My dear friend Mike Burnette is an inspiring and gifted communicator. In this powerful book, he unpacks the parables of Jesus to help us understand the difference between doing church and actually being Christ's church. Pastor Mike exposes the spirit of 'religious people rules' and reveals the true culture of the kingdom of God and the heart of the Father.'

'In a time when many people are being forced to rethink church, Parable Church brings a fresh opportunity to reimagine the way Jesus wants his church to gather.'

'I've often said that if Jesus walked the earth today, he'd be a filmmaker. The best filmmakers are the storytellers, and Jesus told stories. When his adversaries asked 'gotcha' questions, Jesus always had an answer in the form of a story. In parables. I honor my friend Mike Burnette for unpacking the truth within these amazing stories for all generations. This book is a must-read!'

'This book is one of the most significant books I've read as a church leader. My friend Mike Burnette has masterfully revealed the intent of Jesus' parables and how to live them out in the life of the local church. It's only when we transcend the religiosity of doing and embrace the relationship of being that we will truly manifest God's will here on earth. Parable Church is a must-read for anyone who is serious about aligning with the mission and message of Jesus Christ.'

'In Parable Church, Mike Burnette doesn't give generic leadership platitudes as a substitute way to build a church; instead, he insightfully pulls leadership gems from the soil of Jesus' use of parables--stories that were valuable not only to the original listening audience but also to those of us eager to build churches that reflect God's kingdom. You'll enjoy the treasures he excavates. Act quickly to embed them in the soil of your leadership.'

'Stinking brilliant! Out of a hundred books on how to create healthy church culture, this is the one that stands out. Mike Burnette gives a ridiculously simple filter through which to rethink church--the parables of Jesus. Mike finds a way to bypass all of the silly church debates in the most lifegiving way, and then he shares the values through which vision can thrive. This book is the ultimate skeleton key to unlock the door and bring resolution to almost any church dispute.'

'Before I read a book, I ask two basic questions: Does the author have credibility? And do they have something meaningful to say? Mike Burnette scores on both counts. Parable Church offers a fresh approach to a timely topic. This book will inspire you to see your place in the world differently. On a scale of 1 to 10, this book is a 10.'

'The church is the primary instrument that God uses to expand his kingdom here on earth. Being the church and leading in the church are sacred and privileged opportunities. My friend Mike Burnette has brilliantly combined his life experiences and the parables of Jesus to help the reader do both. His insights on Jesus' parables will deepen your faith and strengthen your leadership. Enjoy your journey through Parable Church.'

'Mike Burnette is an emerging leader on whom God's hand obviously rests. He has been given rich insights into dynamic keys for Christian living. Mike unpacks the parables of Jesus in a fresh way, offering pragmatic thoughts based on biblical truths and translating them into everyday life and leadership. Parable Church is a must-read!'

'Mike Burnette helps all of us as leaders understand the power of building a church on the foundation of 'being the church' and not just doing church. This is a deep dive into the countercultural building of God's kingdom through the power of parables and storytelling.'

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