Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth Video Study

12 Questions Christians Should Ask About Social Justice

by Thaddeus J. Williams

On Sale: 2021-09-14

Book Summary

The Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth Video Study looks beyond the divides of the left and right to discover how a Christian worldview speaks truth, hope, and unity into the most polarizing social justice controversies of our day. It presents a compelling vision of justice that offers hopeful answers to life’s biggest questions.

About the Book

God does not suggest, he commands that we do justice.

Social justice is not optional for the Christian. All injustice affects others, so talking about justice that isn't social is like talking about water that isn't wet or a square with no right angles. But the Bible's call to seek justice is not a call to superficial, kneejerk activism. We are not merely commanded to execute justice, but to "truly execute justice." The God who commands us to seek justice is the same God who commands us to "test everything" and "hold fast to what is good."

Drawing from a diverse range of theologians, sociologists, artists, and activists, Thaddeus Williams builds a case that we must be discerning if we are to "truly execute justice" as Scripture commands. Not everything called "social justice" today is compatible with a biblical vision of a better world. The Bible offers hopeful and distinctive answers to deep questions of worship, community, salvation, and knowledge that ought to mark a uniquely Christian pursuit of justice.

In the Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth Video Study, Williams confronts our religious and political tribalism and challenges readers to discover what the Bible and the example of Jesus have to teach us about justice. He presents a compelling vision of justice for all God's image-bearers that offers hopeful answers to life's biggest questions.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

Introduction (12 min)

1 - What is "Social Justice"? (17 min)

2 - The God Question (12 min)

3 - The Imago Question (13 min)

4 - The Idolatry Question (20 min)

5 - The Collective Question (17 min)

6 - The Splintering Question (16 min)

7 - The Fruit Question (19 min)

8 - The Disparity Question (18 min)

9 - The Color Question (28 min)

10 - The Gospel Question (32 min)

11 - The Tunnel Vision Question (22 min)

12 - The Suffering Question (16 min)

13 - The Standpoint Question (18 min)

14 - Conclusion (18 min)

Bonus #1: Real People, Real Stories (14 min)

Bonus #2: Advice for Church Pursuing Social Justice (17 min)

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