The Voice

Listening for God’s Voice and Finding Your Own

by Sandi Patty, Cindy Lambert, Kathie Lee Gifford

On Sale: 2018-11-06

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Book Summary

Christian music icon Sandi Patty astounds listeners with her powerful voice and yet, for years, Sandi struggled with emotional and spiritual scarring that left her feeling despairingly voiceless. With timeless wisdom and deeply intimate stories, The Voice will help you uncover your God-given identity and a voice of your very own.

About the Book

Christian music icon and forty-time Dove award winner, Sandi Patty has long astounded listeners with her powerful voice. And yet, off the stage, Sandi struggled to have a voice at all.

Through deeply intimate stories of her life and the empowering spiritual truths she’s learned, Sandi offers readers wisdom to navigate the journey from voicelessness to discovering the voice God has given you. With a poignant history of sexual abuse, infidelity, divorce, and crises of self-image, Sandi lived much of her life feeling unworthy of love or value. And like so many of us, she coped by living through the voices of others, allowing other people to prescribe her identity. As she performed around the world, Sandi met others just like her, who hid wounds behind quiet smiles and struggled to live with fractured identities.

Sandi’s warm and invitational writing will draw you to the voice of God who sings over your life saying you are seen, you are loved, and your voice is worth hearing. With timeless wisdom, The Voice will help you uncover your God-given identity and a voice of your very own.

“God heard my voice even when I couldn’t hear it myself and then his voice broke through my walls and wounds, insecurities and self-doubts. I am voiceless no more!”


I've known Sandi for more than a quarter of a century. I'm one of the millions who have been blessed by her voice and touched by her words of wisdom. Her story is one of grace, hope, and second chances. May it impact all who read it.

That voice! I'm talking about the voice of Sandi's heart--the voice that invites us into her struggles and allows all of us to see part of our own story in hers. I'm talking about the voice that is constantly championing others and making them feel seen, valued, and heard. This book will help restore the voices of so many who feel sidelined and silenced.

I've known Sandi ever since she was a kid singing backup at our studio. I've always loved her talent, her energy, and her heart. This refreshingly honest account of her story sets a remarkable example for anyone who wants his or her voice to make an eternal difference in this world.

I love Sandi's voice, her heart, and her passion for Christ. I was deeply moved by the transparency of this book. She shares her journey at a depth that few are brave enough to offer. So find a quiet place and sit with her story for a while. Perhaps you too will find your voice.

My favorite kind of spiritual leader is the one who tells the truth and gives others permission to tell the truth. I don't need shiny, polished, or tidy. I need genuine. Sandi, my dear friend, whom I love wholeheartedly, has given us this and more in The Voice.

I have a voice. It's high pitched, a bit nasal, and as country as cornbread, but it has taken me to places I never dreamed I could go as a comedian. But Sandi is more than just an amazing voice; she is a friend, a mentor, a teacher. This book moved me, challenged me, changed me, and my heart and voice are much improved having traversed these pages with Sandi.

I'm so proud of Sandi for having the courage to share the truth about her life and how hearing God's voice helped her discover her own. This book will encourage and inspire you to find your voice as you pursue the dreams and desires God has put in your heart.

As I read this book, I realized how hard Sandi has fought against circumstances and experiences that could have silenced her, and it made me respect her even more. She has done what she does best: welcome others to listen to her voice and find their own as they do.

Sandi is gifting us with an encore performance. Sharing wisdom from the latest third of her life, she is candid about the complexity of her journey and the depth of her faith, and we are once again encouraged, strengthened, and made aware of God's love for us all.

Sandi's voice has filled arenas, stadiums, concert halls, and, most important, hearts. The only thing that exceeds her voice is her generous hospitality. When you open the cover of this book, you will feel seen and heard.

Sandi wraps real life and raw courage around the exhortation in Proverbs 31:8 to speak up for the voiceless. Her heartwrenching yet redemptive story is infused with the living hope and joy of Jesus Christ, which has the power to make even the driest bones dance!

Spend some time around Sandi and it is easy to forget all the trappings of her fame. She is a grace-filled grace giver. She has much to say that we all need to hear. I've been waiting for this book for a long time. You may not realize it, but you have too.

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