Matthew, Mark, Luke

Volume 8

by Frank E. Gaebelein, D. A. Carson, Walter W. Wessel, Walter L. Liefeld

On Sale: 1984-05-27

Book Summary

Contributors to Volume 8 are: D. A. Carson (Matthew), Walter W. Wessel (Mark), and Walter L. Liefeld (Luke).

About the Book

The Gold Medallion Award-winning Expositor’s Bible Commentary is a major contribution to the study and understanding of the Scriptures. Providing pastors and Bible students with a comprehensive and scholarly tool for the exposition of the Scriptures and the teaching and proclamation of their message, this twelve-volume reference work has become a staple of seminary and college libraries and pastors’ studies worldwide. The seventy-eight contributors come from the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand, and from many denominations, including Anglican, Baptist, Brethren, Methodist, Nazarene, Presbyterian, and Reformed. They represent the best in evangelical scholarship committed to the divine inspiration, complete trustworthiness, and full authority of the Bible. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary uses the New International Version for its English text, but also refers freely to other translations and to the original languages. Each book of the Bible has, in addition to its exposition, an introduction, outline, and bibliography. Notes on textual questions and special problems are correlated with the expository units; transliteration and translation of Semitic and Greek words make the more technical notes accessible to readers unacquainted with the biblical languages. In matters where marked differences of opinion exist, commentators, while stating their own convictions, deal fairly and irenically with opposing views. VOLUMES AND CONTRIBUTORS Volume 1 Introductory Articles: General, Old Testament, New Testament Volume 2 Genesis: John H. Sailhamer Exodus: Walter C. Kaiser Jr. Leviticus: R. Laird Harris Numbers: Ronald B. Allen Volume 3 Deuteronomy: Earl S. Kalland Joshua: Donald H. Madvig Judges: Herbert Wolf Ruth: F. B. Huey Jr. 1, 2 Samuel: Ronald F. Youngblood Volume 4 1, 2 Kings: Richard D. Patterson and Hermann J. Austel 1, 2 Chronicles: J. Barton Payne Ezra, Nehemiah: Edwin Yamauchi Esther: F. B. Huey Jr. Job: Elmer B. Smick Volume 5 Psalms: Willem A. VanGemeren Proverbs: Allen P. Ross Ecclesiastes: J. Stafford Wright Song of Songs: Dennis F. Kinlaw Volume 6 Isaiah: Geoffrey W. Grogan Jeremiah: Charles L. Feinberg Lamentations: H. L. Ellison Ezekiel: Ralph H. Alexander Volume 7 Daniel: Gleason L. Archer Jr. Hosea: Leon J. Wood Joel: Richard D. Patterson Amos: Thomas E. McComiskey Obadiah: Carl E. Armerding Jonah: H. L. Ellison Micah: Thomas E. McComiskey Nahum, Habakkuk: Carl E. Armerding Zephaniah: Larry Walker Haggai: Robert L. Alden Zechariah: Kenneth L. Barker Malachi: Robert L. Alden Volume 8 Matthew: D. A. Carson Mark: Walter W. Wessel Luke: Walter L. Liefeld Volume 9 John: Merrill C. Tenney Acts: Richard N. Longenecker Volume 10 Romans: Everett F. Harrison 1 Corinthians: W. Harold Mare 2 Corinthians: Murray J. Harris Galatians: James Montgomery Boice Volume 11 Ephesians: A. Skevington Wood Philippians: Homer A. Kent Jr. Colossians: Curtis Vaughan 1, 2 Thessalonians: Robert L. Thomas 1, 2 Timothy: Ralph Earle Titus: D. Edmond Hiebert Philemon: Arthur A. Rupprecht Volume 12 Hebrews: Leon Morris James: Donald W. Burdick 1, 2 Peter: Edwin A Blum 1,2, 3 John: Glenn W. Barker Jude: Edwin A. Blum Revelation: Alan F. Johnson


'...a roaring success. Both form and style contribute to readability, and the scholarship is sound without being pedantic or tedious...'

'...a very helpful addition to the library of anyone interested in studying and teaching the Scriptures more effectively.'

'...excellent series...a valuable reference source in any evangelical pastor's library.'

' of the greatest pieces of religious literature published in this generation. We cannot recommend it too highly.'

'For those needing a good commentary, you will find in this set one of the best.'

'It is the kind of commentary that should be in all church libraries as well as in homes of persons who care to understand the Bible beyond Americanized ideologies of self-oriented experience.'

'The 78 authors represent the best evangelical scholarship in the English-speaking world...a rich feast.'

'The author list [of the Expositore's Bible Commentary] reads like a page from a who\rquote s who of evangelical Bible scholars. A quality product. Unquestionably wise for the serious student to plan to secure each volume.

'Volume 8 has succeeded very well in meeting the goals of the series...[it is] a useful addition to our pastors\rquote libraries. Its main value is in providing up-to-date linguistic, textual, archaeological and historical information on the Gospels. Although it is 'scholarly,' this commentary is not overly technical. The main emphasis of the commentary is on material explaining the text, rather than on applications for homiletics. This commentary would be helpful for pastors studying texts from the Gospels for sermons or classes and can be recommended for that purpose.'

'A first-rate commentary, sound in scholarship, sensitive in discussion of areas of controversy, clear in expression, uncompromising in loyalty to the Word of God, and eminently usable by the \lquote expositor\rquote for whom the series is designed.'

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  • Imprint: Zondervan
  • On Sale: 1984-05-27
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  • Publication Date: 1984-05-27
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