Get Past Your Past

How Facing Your Broken Places Leads to True Connection

by Jason VanRuler, Jason VanRuler, Gabe Wicks, Bob Goff

On Sale: 2023-10-10

Book Summary

In Get Past Your Past, licensed therapist and popular online content creator Jason VanRuler offers understanding, empathy, grace, and a hand to hold as he shares from his own places of brokenness and his learnings as a therapist to help readers embark upon their own journeys toward healing from the hardships, pitfalls, and missteps of life.

About the Book

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Stop running from your past. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Embrace emotional and spiritual healing.

"[Jason] shows us how to move past our past by leading us along a path that ends in connection." –Bob Goff, New York Times bestselling author

Our pasts shape us and our futures in profound ways whether we know it or not. For some of us, our pasts can feel like heavy chains that we're dragging around with us forever.

As a licensed therapist with his own difficult past, Jason VanRuler provides compassionate encouragement, practical wisdom, and a hand to hold as he leads you to a place where healing from brokenness is not only real but attainable.

Get Past Your Past offers professional and personal knowledge to help you:

  • Vanquish the lie that you're the only one who struggles with a broken past.
  • Take achievable steps to overcome your circumstances.
  • Embrace the freedom that comes from sharing your testimony with others.
  • Learn to love and be loved in your most cherished relationships.
  • Cultivate authentic connection with those around you and with God.


It's time to confront your own past hurts and embark on your journey toward healing. Your brokenness is not the end of the story. It's time to heal.

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