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Beth McCord

Beth McCord is an accomplished Enneagram speaker, author, coach, and teacher with over two decades of dedicated experience. Her passion lies in helping individuals rewrite their life stories, empowering them to realize that lasting change and meaningful relationships are possible. Beth’s mission led to the creation of the Your Enneagram Coach community--a nurturing space where individuals safely explore the Enneagram.

As a recognized Enneagram leader, Beth has honed her expertise through extensive training and certifications under renowned experts. Today, she simplifies Enneagram insights from a faith-based perspective, making it accessible to people from all walks of life.

Beth offers personalized coaching, immersive events, online courses, and comprehensive training for aspiring Enneagram coaches.

Her contributions extend globally, having trained over two-thousand coaches, authored eleven Enneagram books, has a vast online following, and reaches millions through her free Enneagram assessment and podcast.