Women of Faith Kicks Off New One Day Event in Billings, MT February 18, 2012

13 Jan 2012 | Company News, Live Events

Women of Faith one dayWomen of Faith takes its brand new ONE DAY event to Billings, MT on February 18, 2012 at the Holiday Inn Grand Montana. This one-day event combines side-splitting humor and inspiration with biblical insight and in-depth teaching to show that there is hope in the midst of hopelessness and certainty in the midst of uncertainty. Participants will dive deeper, laugh louder, and grow stronger while learning that it all begins with one day.

The Billings event will feature multi-talented author, speaker, Grammy-nominated singer, and television personality Sheila Walsh who will dive into scripture and pull out a handful of hope for anyone who has ever messed up. Sheila believes that, “No matter what you’ve done, it’s not too late: God is not finished with you yet!” Audiences will find out what this means for them as Sheila shares hard-won wisdom gleaned from personal experience and a careful study of God’s Word.

Joining Sheila is comedian and storyteller Ken Davis, a new favorite of Women of Faith audiences who has kept women breathless with laughter at his honest, relatable humor. Not only will Ken deliver a direct hit to your funny bone, his true-life adventure story will keep you on the edge of your seat as he tells how one day changed everything—and how he learned what it means to be “fully alive.”

Brand new to the lineup, the Billings event will also feature American Idol finalist singer-songwriter Scott MacIntyre. Scott knows first-hand the challenge of overcoming enormous adversity and will take attendees on an emotional journey of love and yearning, hardship and hope.

This empowering new event will encourage participants and give them the tools to go from living broken lives to growing stronger every day.

Register on womenoffaith.com or by calling 888-49-FAITH.  For more information about Women of Faith and the Billings event please visit http://www.womenoffaith.com/oneday/.